Can I Put A Turtle In My Fish Tank?

A large number of people like to raise animals in their homes. These animals can range from dogs and cats to water beings like fishes and turtles. Since fishes and turtles live underwater, therefore their living needs are very different from any other type of terrestrial animal. It is a common thing to keep pet turtles and fishes in your homes. However, it is essential to look after their food and other living needs and take care of them with precision.

What is the daily diet of a turtle and how to feed them?

Can I Put A Turtle In My Fish Tank?

Turtles belong to the ancient reptilian species and there are a very large number of diverse species of turtles which are kept by people in their homes. It is interesting that each variety of turtle consumes different kinds of food. Just like other species of animals, some turtles are strictly herbivores while others depend on a non-vegetarian diet. However, there are also those kids of turtles who consume both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. Another factor which the eating habits of a turtle depend upon is its physical structure, digestive system and the jaw design. Turtles are able to chew only certain kinds of food items depending upon their jaw structure.

Some of the common food items consumed by turtles are jellyfishes, small fishes, seaweed, algae and fungus, small insects which might float on the water surface, cuttlefish, shrimp, squid, water grass, sea cucumbers, small sea snakes and so forth. Also, the size of the turtle decides the kind of food it will eat. The leatherback sea turtles are very large in size and consume full-size jellyfishes very easily. These were the important diets of a sea turtle. There are also terrestrial turtles which depend upon the other terrestrial beings for food. They usually munch on earthworms, land insects, small crabs, nutrition-rich bugs, small fishes and so forth.

What are the things to take care of while setting up a turtle in a fish tank?

The living accommodations and requirements of a turtle are much different than any other fish. Yes, it is possible to keep a turtle in a shish tank. However, there are certain things which you must keep in mind while setting a fish tank for your turtles. Some of them can be understood as mentioned below:

Effective filtration system:

Turtles produce a large amount of waste. This waste depends on the kind of food that they are given and hence can be toxic. If you have other fishes and aquatic animals kept in the same fish tank then it is necessary for you to install a heavy filtration system. If the water accumulates large amounts of waste material, dust particles, dead insects and so forth then this can lead to contamination. And contaminated water can be bad not just for the other fishes living in the fish tank but also harm the health of the turtle itself. One turtle produces enough waste to compete with 20 fishes. This is something that you should keep in mind if you want to keep a turtle in a fish tank.

Species of the turtle:

It is important to note that not all turtles are herbivores. A large variety of species of turtles eat other aquatic beings and fishes too. They are also often omnivores. So if you already have a fish tank with other fishes, it would be advised to thoroughly get the information about the eating habits of your turtle. You should know what the species of your turtle is and whether it is a herbivore or a carnivore. Because is a well-known fact that most turtles eat fishes as long as they are not a herbivore.

Size of the turtle:

Can I Put A Turtle In My Fish Tank?

It is understood that every animal needs enough space to live with freedom. If you place a large turtle in a small fish tank, I would not be able to live properly. It is important to choose the fish tank carefully and analyze the size, weight and the thickness of the glass that is used to hold the water animals. If the thickness of the glass walls of the fish tanks turns out to be really thin then it might collapse easily with the weight of the water and the turtle.

Type of fish tank:

Most of the turtles are amphibians. This means that they live in water but also come out on the land. This is why it is important to set up a fish tank which is filled with water but also gives considerable space for soil or sand. You can also put in a small rock formation which will act as an island where the turtle can rest when it needs too. Turtles do not prefer to swim in the water all the time. They need a land area as well.

Nature of your turtle:

Before you put your turtle in the same tank as our fishes, you must observe the nature of the turtle as well. If you already know that your turtle tends to pick up fights then it would not be a good idea to keep your turtle in the same water tank where you keep your fishes and other aquatic animals. However, if you already know that your pet turtle is peaceful and calm instinctively then you can easily pace the turtle in the same fish tank without any complications.

How can you get sturdy fish tanks easily?

If you are interested in getting a fish tank for your turtles, then you can easily get them online. There is a wide variety of fish tanks available in different shapes and sizes which you can choose from.  If you have a large area that you want to reserve for your aquatic animals then you can get a very spacious tank. But you will also be able to find small miniature fish tanks for your turtles.

So, find the best turtle tanks simply by visiting the online websites which offer you a large variety of options.

Welcome to Spring for Alexandria 2015

SAVE the DATE – Friday, May 15 – Spring for Alexandria’s Community Service Day 2015, a partnership between Volunteer Alexandria and the City of Alexandria

The Community Service Day is a City-wide project when hundreds of people volunteer to support numerous nonprofit organizations and City agencies, as well as our schools. Volunteers form a team, raise funds to win prizes, and volunteer on Friday, May 15 from 12:30-4:30 p.m. To learn more and to register, click HERE.

Interested in becoming an event sponsor? Review the CSD_Benefits and Form2015 to learn more about the benefits and available levels.

Kids Helping Kids – Lemonaide will be raising funds to support children in need in Alexandria by selling lemonade Saturday, May 16 on Market Square starting at 8 a.m. during the Farmers market and beyond.

Spring for Alexandria 2014 – Volunteer Alexandria & the City of Alexandria was a success! Sponsored by Northwestern Mutual

May 7: 16th Annual Business Philanthropy Summit, hosted by Volunteer Alexandria, featured Carly Fiorina and attracted over 240 attendees.

May 16:  7th Annual Community Service Day,  hosted by Volunteer Alexandria in partnership with the City of Alexandria, made a difference in our community.

Hundreds of volunteers supported great causes by painting, cleaning, weeding, planting, building, organizing, and more for Spring for Alexandria.

How volunteers impacted people:

THEY made a house a home for those who reside in it.
THEY boosted self-esteem and made individuals feel that those in their community appreciate, welcome and accept them.
THEY made the shelter clean and tidy, which helps with clients self-esteem, in addition to providing a safe environment for all.
THEY enhanced the living environment of the City’s older and disabled residents.
THEY provided a safe and inviting place for children to be physically active, build their minds, and help reduce childhood obesity by cleaning the playground.
THEY made our parks safer.

TOGETHER, we helped and will continue to help to provide a gathering place to bring children, families, and communities together.  We helped preserve and enhance the quality of life for all Alexandrians! THANK YOU!

“Thank you so much for making us part of Spring for Alexandria’s 7th Annual Community Service Day. Our community is a better place because of you guys (volunteers)! With this new look, the bathrooms are a lot more inviting and appealing for the students in the after-school programs! Your creativity and hard work is very valuable and appreciated by all of us at Community Lodgings and the Brent Places families, please share our gratitude to your family and your volunteers’ team.  As you may know, Community Lodgings centers have served, and continues to serve, the community of Alexandria, providing families with education, support and help to develop skills and make important life decisions. Thank you for your time and commitment.” Antonio Tamariz, Community Lodgings

“We were fortunate enough to have two volunteer teams at Alexandria Adult Day Services Center (ADSC) for this year’s Spring for Alexandria event. I have to say I was quite impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism shown by our volunteers. One group was assigned a gardening project. The day before the event we had heavy rain and half the patio area was covered in water. The volunteers put on boots and got to work leaving the patio looking 100% better than it had before. 

I commend this group for their hard work and dedication to this service project. Thanks again for making a great match!” Kimberly Taylor-Davis, Division of Aging & Adult Services

“I am really pleased with the hard work your crews put in today without complaint. The pool area looks fantastic.  It’s a relief to me as we are really striving to improve our customer experiences at our City aquatic facilities. A well-kept appearance or curb appeal gives an important first impression. We’re better off this year compared to much of our past.”  Ralph Baird, Recreation Manager Aquatics

Thank you to Northwestern Mutual, David Markley and the SunTrust Foundation and all of the volunteers who made this event happen!

We also would like to thank the Old Town Theater and their staff for allowing us to host this event at no cost and Southside 815 for the great food.

Spring for Alexandria has engaged thousands of volunteers and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Alexandria-based charities. This event has become central to our community’s springtime culture, and a model of businesses, nonprofits, neighbors, youth, and government working together for the common good.

Give your time by volunteering at one of the many service projects throughout the City managed by your local volunteer center – Volunteer Alexandria.
Give your treasure by sponsoring or attending one of the headline events.
Give your support by pledging one of the hundreds of volunteers who
make our City a better place to work, play, live…give!

View last previous wrap up by Carla Branch on AlexandriaNews – Action shots from May 4 thanks to photographer Wayne Hulehan!  Thank you to PCI for their in-kind support!

Overview of 2014 Spring events in the City:

April 9 – Spring2Action
April 22 – Earth Day
May 7 – 16th Annual Business Philanthropy Summit
May 8 – Keller Williams Red Day
May 16 – Spring for Alexandria’s 7th Annual Community Volunteer Day
May 17 –   Lemonaide Day Hosted by Kids Helping Kids
June 6 – Deloitte National Volunteer Day