What People Are Saying

What do participants say about Spring for Alexandria?

“What a great collaboration!”

“It was AMAZING. The volunteers worked so hard providing necessary weeding and clean up at the Winkler Botanical Preserve.”

“[My investment in Spring for Alexandria supports] community outreach programs for single parents, families, children, low income households, etc. with the many things we take for granted.”

“The opportunity to meet and work with such altruistic individuals is heartwarming and encouraging.”

“It was an excellent event and I would be willing to do it again anytime.”

“[It shows] what can be achieved with even small combined efforts…”

“Spring for Alexandria enables the City to focus on supporting the community and is an excellent event. I feel that my involvement is well worth the time.”

“Job well done!
The [Carpenter’s Shelter Staff and Director] were very pleased to walk into the office today with a fresh coat of paint. Our residents also had a great time participating in the mural project. They wore their t-shirts the entire day!”

“This was my second year doing this and I have highly enjoyed it both years. I think it is a great opportunity for individuals to give back time into the City, plus its a day out of the office!”

“Time well spent. We served the community as well as did some great organizational team building.”

“As always it was an excellent event from start to finish!”

“It was a great way to give back to the community and learn more about my follow co-workers.”