Where Should I Put My Guinea Pig Cage?

Where Should I Put My Guinea Pig Cage?

Guinea pigs are one of the cutest pets to have. They are kind, playful creatures, but is sometimes shy. They prefer to stay hidden in their little hiding places in their cages. Guinea pigs tend to get spooked which causes them fear. They like to live in privacy, mostly with a companion, so neither of them lonely, as loneliness causes them to be depressed.

It is also important that they can’t get out of their cages, because outside of their cage is a completely different world, which they are not used. It’s important to have a special place just for your guinea pig. The best guinea pig cages should be kept in a safe place.

The threats that guinea pigs face

Where Should I Put My Guinea Pig Cage?

Now when we acknowledge guinea pigs, we know that they are small, adorable pets that will not hurt the thing. And this is true as they can’t do much as they are in their cages most of the time, playing and messing around or sleeping. But as they do not possess any harm to others, they do have harm coming their way. Guinea pigs face threats from allsorts of animals such as dogs, cats, ferrets, owls. Basically any animal bigger than a guinea pig, they tend to consider them as a food. It’s fairly an easy task to get their hands on, and due to their size they are easy to catch and can be guzzled down quickly. It’s basically mice for many animals, especially foe owls, so it is important to not keep them outside. I repeat do not keep them outside.

You may think that wild animals are the only detriment to your guinea pigs, well… its not. More than other wild animals being a predator for guinea pigs it’s actually children. Now you maybe confused as to why children are one of the biggest predators. I mean how a child can harm a sweet, innocent, cute little guinea pig, is not possible. Well actually they are one of the number one predators, not intentionally though. Children like fluffy, cute things, anything that they can hug and squeeze, and they see guinea pig like that. But they cannot withstand the pressure as they are small, so it will cause their bones to break. And if a guinea pig is dropped from a certain height it may cause death. Which is something parents are going to have a hard time when it comes to breaking the news to them.

Guinea pigs are grazers, they like to munch of grass or anything that is in your lawn. So it is important to discard any use of fertilizer or pesticides, as it can cause severe illnesses, which could even lead to death. And there are certain plants which are poisonous, like, Azalea, oleander, English ivy leaves, and rhododendron. These can be fatal, so it best to remove them as soon as you can.

What are the solutions you ask?

Where Should I Put My Guinea Pig Cage?

As all these threats cause tremendous damage to guinea pigs there has to be a way to stop them. And there is, there are plenty of methods to save your guinea pigs from harm. Due to animal attacks, the best thing to do would be to keep your guinea pig inside the house at all times, or on high ground so your cats and dogs cannot reach them. Because if they do, then its game over. As to the damage the plants cause the best solution that needs to be taken is the removal of wild plants, and the stopping the usage of chemicals that can cause any harm. It does not necessarily have to be in plants, the chemical in the air can do more harm. So the best option is to just throw them out and never use it. I suggest switching to something more eco-friendly.

Children, it’s very difficult to control them especially when it comes to something as cute as this. However the best approach to this problem is through a heart to heart talk so that they won’t hurt the guinea pigs, or supervision when children want to pet a guinea pig.

Moreover there are various methods to keep a guinea pig safe, but the best way would be to find a better place to keep them in a different place. The best guinea pig cages are the ones that have adequate safety, as to why it is the best.

Where should you keep your cages?

Where Should I Put My Guinea Pig Cage?

Cages are the number one protector for guinea pigs, they protect them from unwanted predators, food, and whether conditions, but for all of this to be fully effective the cage needs to have a certain location of where it needs to be kept. If kept in a room it needs to be draft free. As guineas pigs are prone to more respiratory infections they need to make sure that no air polluted air is coming in or out of the room.

Plus the room should be bright, and lively, but it is not good to put them in direct sunlight as it will irritating to the pets. The indirect sunlight will give them warmth and a more relaxed feeling, as they would feel more free rather than them being kept in closet or in a dark, closed, confined room. It makes the guinea pigs more vulnerable and more frightened.

Furthermore there needs to be a stable temperature. A guinea pig should be kept in a 65-75 degree Fahrenheit, never above that temperature, it could cause a heat stroke. Just remember that if you are either feeling too hot or too cold then so is your guinea pig. So make sure that they are dealing the weather. And make sure that there is low humidity as they are just as bad as drafts.

In continuation guinea pigs require tons of attention and affection, just like babies. It is important that they are near family interaction so they don’t feel secluded. So it is recommended that rather than keeping them in your room keep them in open spaces where the family tends to gather most of the time.

And finally one of the biggest things you need to remember is to NEVER KEEP THEM ON THE FLOOR! Keeping them on the floor is a bad idea, it makes them more vulnerable to dogs and cats, and if children are playing near the cage they could accidentally trip over the cage. So it is a safety hazard to both. And it frighten them more as all they would see are giants walking around. So these are basically where a guinea pig should be kept.